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“Humans can live for three weeks without food and three days without water — but only three minutes without air, Yet we simply take our air for granted.”

Dr Gary Fuller, Kings College London.


If you live in an urban area, you will be aware of the increasing coverage of the damaging health effects of air pollution, even in towns and cities that were previously thought to be safe. 

Reporting of this issue is increasing due to studies in recent years that have revealed how deadly air pollution is on a global scale. Air pollution is estimated to cause 8 million premature deaths per year; or 20,000 deaths per day, and it is happening everywhere, not just in Asian megacities. It is no longer just the visible smoke and smog that is the problem, but the invisible air pollution all around us, and because it can't be seen, it doesn't feel like a real threat.

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This is the problem that led London based entrepreneur, Chris Turner, to develop a product that would allow you to easily see the current air quality wherever you are so you could take action to reduce your exposure to toxic air. 

BREATHE|Smart is the solution; a portable air quality monitor small enough to carry, but equally suitable for the home. It is the most compact monitor of its type available.

The idea came to Chris when he became a father and researched existing air quality monitors, but found they were either too bulky to be practical or required pairing with a phone and installing yet another app to see the information. 

Frustrated with the lack of suitable products available, he decided to develop his own product. "There were lots of products and apps on the market, but nothing that would fit easily into my lifestyle and therefore be useful. You can't act on air pollution information if it is on an app in your pocket.  That's why BREATHE|Smart has an integrated full colour display."


Chris Turner, Breathe Tech Ltd.

Chris Turner, Founder, BREATHE Tech Ltd.

To raise the funding required to put BREATHE|Smart into production, Chris launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in November 2018.  With over 200 backers, the target was met, and the first backers received their monitors in July 2019.  BREATHE|Smart is now available worldwide.



The original monitor has now been updated to incorporate additional features and the new BREATHE|Smart 2 is now shipping.

This is the first of many products Breathe Tech are developing, all designed to protect us from the harmful effects of the air we breathe.  Join our newsletter list to hear about new product launches.


 Interview with Chris Turner, Startups Magazine, November 2019.

Interview with Chris Turner